Shanghai Reli Technology Group Co., Ltd. ("Reli"), with the registered capital of 130 million yuan, is a national new and high-tech enterprise committed to the research and development, production, installation and service of new carbon fiber composite heating materials, owning 15 national patents and 2 international patents.
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2013-11 Registered capital increased to 40 million

2014-05 Obtained five invention patents, 11 utility new model patents, with registered capital increased to 130 million

2014-06 Won Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Fund

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Reli has the earliest, the largest, the most professional and refined and the strongest research and development team with the most wide application fields, and is justifiably the industry leader in the field of flat heating materials and carbon fiber composite materials.
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Reli has the earliest, largest, and the most professional and refined research and development team with the strongest power and the widest fields , and is justifiably the industry leader in the flat heating material and carbon fiber composite materials...
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As the first high-tech enterprise that applies the plane carbon fiber heating technology to many fields, Reli deeply understands the importance of cooperation, and has been adhering to the concept of professional cooperation with all institutes, and from the many years of cooperation in practice accumulated...4066.com
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Practice for public interest, warmth for the people Since its origin, Reli Technology Group has put the "social welfare" into the enterprise chronicle, over the years, from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the broad northwest, from Sichuan basin to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei...
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2015.5 Heilongjiang,Reli heater ceremony successfully held in 291 farm Reli warms million of homes, love with me all the way
2015.3 Delivery Warmth to Tianjin
2015.2 Public Welfare. Delivery Warmth to Ningxia
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1.Renewable Resources
2.Clean Energy
3.New Materials
Different from traditional coal and gas combustion mode for heating, warming and drying, wind...
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What is the difference between Reli products and other heating products?

What is Reli technology’s heating principle?

How large of the area a thermostat can control?

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Two forms of Reli carbon fiber infrared heating materials

The basic parameters of Reli carbon fiber infrared heating materials

Features of Reli staple fiber carbon fiber heating paper

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1、Strong R & D team:
Reli has the earliest, largest, and the most professional...

2、360 degree full range of services:
Full range of services, comprehensive and considerate services...

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The discovery of infrared

What is infrared (IR radiation)?

What is electromagnetic spectrum?

Basic features of infrared

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Financial head

29th Floor, Block B, 3261 Shanghai Pudong New Area

E-commerce channel specialist

29th Floor, Block B, 3261 Shanghai Pudong New Area

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Special Areas
Reli’s Advantage in the Field of Specialties澳门金沙娱乐网站

Reli Technology actively strengthen the close cooperation with relevant research institutes, with high-tech carbon fiber heating material, core planar heating, far infrared light transmission technology to serve for more application fields, so as to drive the technological innovation and industrial progress in related fields. Reli Technology is currently involved in the following areas with impressive achievements:
1、Scientific research expedition: Underwater manned equipments & facilities, aerospace, aviation manned aircraft and other aspects of heating technology upgrades;
2、Breeding industry aspect: Incubation, brooding, breeding and other processes heating supply technology upgrades
Adventure and Disaster Relief
Scientific Expedition
Aquaculture and Hatchery

Reli carbon fiber planar heating material has high energy efficiency, ease of use and is an excellent far-infrared light source, with high normal emission rate, uniform plane illumination, controllable power, which can apply civilian AC, DC power, with far infrared wavelength of 5-15 micron, and perfect match for the living body absorption characteristics etc.. The "artificial sunshine" that it generates has extremely broad application fields.

Brooding is a critical stage of poultry production for chickens, ducks and so on. Because young chicks are frail, with poor disease and cold resistance, normally chicks should be moved in the 32-25 ℃ environment, and immediately induce the chicks to drink water and eat. The standard is that chickens do not gather together, spread around, active or quiet, and not noise.

However, the existing boiler water circulation heating radiator has high energy consumption and heavy pollution, and in recent years there have been electrically heated umbrellas, and other types of equipments heating model.

Reli light wave sheet applied in the brooding of chicks can not only provide heat source for young chicks, but also not only effectively promote animal blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, increase organism immunity as well as the deodorant, dehumidification and sterilization effect .

Reli, has followed the Chinare to the Antarctic twice, sailing more than 28,000 nautical miles, with ice breaking for more than 3900 nautical miles, and lasted 163 days in the extreme cold temperature of as low as -57 °, to escort the Chinese expedition team and their equipment.

Encountered with the threat of extreme cold, satellite equipments are unworkable; the voyage is long and thee host cabinet can hardly bear the low temperature; heating by boiler, the investment is huge while the maintenance is difficult; in the long sailing, the precious research equipments are vulnerable!

Reli program has the advantages of precise temperature control, high thermal conversion efficiency etc., with local heating to the scientific equipments and important instruments, to realize precise thermal insulation (with precision ± 1 ℃)

Portable Dwelling

Disaster Relief Tent

Sentry Duty

Lasting for a year, with ultimate design, exclusive technology and superior technology, three core teams jointed hands to create Reli's first fashion item for you.

澳门金沙娱乐网站the riddle will soon be unveiled.

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